Collaborative Divorce

In a Collaborative Divorce each party works with their own attorney so that they have the support, protection and guidance that only an attorney can provide. But then the parties and their attorneys pledge to work in a collaborative and cooperative manner to find and implement solutions to the various disputes the parties may have in their individual case.

Also, joint experts, be they financial experts, mental health professional, children’s specialist or others, can be used by the parties and their attorneys to assist in helping everyone work together as a team to dissolve the parties’ marriage without litigation.

The Collaborative Divorce has at its heart three basic principles:

  • A pledge not to litigate the case.
  • The honest exchange of information by both spouses and
  • The search for a mutually acceptable solution that take into account the priorities of the parties and their children.

Mutual respect, civil communications, mutually acceptable solutions are fundamental to the collaborative approach to divorce. While you may cease being spouses, you do not cease being worthy human beings. When respect is given and received and when the parties approach the dissolution process looking for a “win-win” solution then negotiations are more productive and agreements can be reached more easily.

Collaborative Divorce – the No Court divorce, where you and your spouse keep control of the decisions effecting your lives, your assets and your children.